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Ex Astris is an upcoming turn-based 3D RPG mobile game. The story starts on a tidally locked planet where rises Xeno civilization. The protagonist from the earth is assigned to the planet for an investigation. It is a serendipity the human investigator encounters traveling friends, and their adventure unfolds along the journey.

The game is set to have a turn-based combat system that occurs in real-time. Players can block, parry and set combo attacks to launch, fixing the target in the air and strike it down. Players can also employ customized skill combinations to defeat different enemies.

Creatures on the planet have their own characters and writing system. Murals on the walls inside of the buildings are painted in geometric and fractal patterns. Players can navigate the character to the outside and play in a broader vision.

The game is in prototyping stage, in the following updates, players will see more items, enemies, explorative and interactive elements as well as main and side quests. Players can select up to 3 characters in a team. Apart from the current 2 characters. There will be 4 upcoming characters available for the ally.

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