Bikkuriman Wonder Collection (ビックリマン・ワンダーコレクション)

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Marvelous Studio has announced the upcoming release of the “Bikkuriman” smartphone game app, “Bikkuriman Wonder Collection,” in 2024 and has initiated pre-registration. Currently, this release is limited to Japan.

This sticker collection RPG game allows players to collect Bikkuriman stickers, create a party with their favorite angels and demons, and embark on an adventurous journey. The game introduces original characters, offering players the opportunity to enjoy a unique storyline.

In celebration of the 39th anniversary of the beloved Bikkuriman Devil VS Angel series, “Bikkuriman” will be launched as a smartphone app game. Players can witness familiar Bikkuriman characters in action, engaging in vibrant battles between angels and demons.

Characters have the ability to accumulate gauges and unleash “secret techniques” based on their unique traits. The game begins with the availability of numerous Bikkuriman stickers, with additional ones planned for future updates. Players can inspect the collected stickers, including viewing the back side, and even combine them to enhance their party’s strength. The entirety of the game content revolves around an original storyline.

Anticipate the dynamic techniques of the animated characters and immerse yourself in the game’s distinctive narrative.

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