Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond

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Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond has been announced by Cygames. This is a free-to-play competitive online collectible card game.

In Shadowverse, players have the ability to construct decks utilizing cards from any specific class, in addition to Neutral cards. The game encompasses eight classes, namely Forestcraft, Swordcraft, Runecraft, Dragoncraft, Abysscraft, Havencraft, Portalcraft, and Neutral. Super evolution becomes accessible starting from the second player’s sixth turn, with up to 2 remaining Evolution Points (EP) converting into Super Evolution Points (SEP).

These activate when a follower super-evolves. Evolve abilities will also trigger. I also has a engage button on your turn to activate this new amulet ability. Playing the amulet in advance allows you to activate it on any turn.

But this new Shadoverse game has other minigames. Players will be able to move around freely in-game using their own custom-made avatars and will be able to interact and battle with each other, participate in events, and enjoy a variety of other content.

Who asked for fishing and mahjong minigame in a card game though? Having a lobby and your avatar straight up just challenging other people like fighting game lobby is cool.

Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond will be available for PC, iOS, and Android in summer 2024.

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