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Crazy Ones Overview

Crazy Ones is a romance card game for android and iOS. This is the global version of 奇點物語. This new edition will bring all the nice waifus and card mechanics of the original game to a western audience.

What’s the game about, you ask? Well, as a young dreamer unwilling to be just another face in the crowd, you’re determined not to be squeezed by your boss in this era of information explosion and rapid AI development. You’ve decided to break free from the existing shackles and make a mark in this time of great changes as the singularity approaches.

Whether it’s navigating a sweet daily life story or embarking on a love affair, alongside genius girls, cold bosses, gorgeous coworkers, and cute streamers, you’ll witness the significant transformations of this era, all fueled by mutual encouragement and companionship.

The storyline is woven with cinematic narration, exquisite hand-drawn animation, high-quality Live2D/special effects, and highly interactive mini-games to provide a truly immersive experience. Brace yourself for the maze of emotions and heartbeats right from the start of the game.

As the boss of an entrepreneurial company, your mission is to build a tech company from scratch. Confronted with numerous real business decision options drawn from the world’s famous business schools, we’re counting on you, the company manager, to go from being a nobody to becoming somebody.

At the end, Crazy Ones is a CCG card battle gameplay, easy to get started and full of strategies. Soon available for Android and iOS.

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