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Download WitchSpring4, one of the best RPG action for Android and iPhone. This is the fourth game in the Witch Spring saga. Witch Spring 4 was releasead in December 2019 but got a huge updates during 2020 and 2021. It is available on the App Store, Google Play and TapTap at a starting  price point of $4.99. It is a game which told us a story that began in previous entries. So it is recommended to have completed the previous game editions.

For WitchSpring4, we have to go to Ürphean, following the storyline that is revealed after the game of Witch Spring 3. In this small continent, Queen Moccamori, seeks to conquer the two remaining continents, after suppressing the Spring War and become queen. To help her in this mission we need to collect magical ingredients, so she can begin her exploration missions in search of items that allow her to get better powers. On some occasions, she may order her henchmen to search for her.

Witch Spring is a game that focuses more on the story than on the gameplay, it allows the exploration and the realization of a large number of secondary missions, so there are no great news about the battles that our protagonist will face. It does have a renewed style of attack, because instead of making consecutive assaults, as characters like Luna and Eirudy did in the saga, Moccamori learns new attacks.

For gameplay it’s still the same, finding enemies in the field and you can choose to battle or not, collecting materials to create new magic spells, training with butlers, and others.

Moccamari, the main protagonist, increases her attacks with her magic to overcome the limitations of physical attacks, so she will use magical infusions instead of spells: infusing elemental magic in different forms such as swords, bows and spears.

The magical awakening of the queen of Ürphean will be activated in a moment of crisis. Meanwhile, the minions replace the pets of the previous editions. These can be recruited through the main story or by completing side missions. These characters can wield Moccamori’s inherited weapons (in addition to the Claw, which is her preferred weapon). They are not powerful characters like her, but in a battle against numerous enemies they can be of great help. These enemies will have more diverse and complex attack patterns.

Witch Spring 4 is not free, but it is worth.

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