Draconia Saga

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Draconia Saga
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Draconian Saga is a pet collector RPG game for Android (not available yet) and iOS. In a world where pets and humans coexist harmoniously, embark on a thrilling adventure as a Dragon Hunter, capturing various pets and exploring the fantasy continent alongside fellow adventurers.

Capture pets of all kinds and witness their unique evolutionary paths unfold. Nurture and care for your pets as they assist you in various tasks such as exploring maps, gathering resources, and even engaging in activities like farming, fishing, and cooking.

Embark on thrilling battles against Manadracos, conquer dungeons, and subdue rampaging monsters with your legion of pets by your side. Explore tactical combinations as you utilize your pets’ abilities to mount your dragon pet and engage in exhilarating combat!

Encounter a diverse array of individuals on your adventure and join forces to overcome challenges together. Create guilds with like-minded friends and forge lasting friendships; you may even find your special someone amidst the camaraderie.

Create your own haven by building a house and garden for you and your pets. Craft various furniture pieces and personalize your home with DIY projects. Invite friends over for a lively dance party and cherish the joyous moments shared together.


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