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Tarisland is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG by Tencent Games where players can participate in dramatic wars by forming groups. In the game, players can choose from one of seven different character classes, each with two distinct fighting styles and specializations for combat and party missions.

As players explore the expansive realm of Tarisland, they will encounter a multitude of diverse regions and formidable adversaries, ensuring a fresh and challenging expedition with every season. The game revolves around the three ancient deities: Destiny, Oblivion, and Omen. By following the adventures of Moira, Leith, and Acheron, players delve into their enthralling history, with the narrative continuously evolving and becoming increasingly intricate with each chapter.

Devs say that exciting quests await players across four distinct maps: Ancash Canyon, SilverLit, SilverLit’s Suburbs, and Misty Forest. Additionally, players can select from seven unique classes, each presenting its own playstyle and abilities. The available classes comprise Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Barbarian Fighter, Priest, Paladin, and Bard. So, we have many choices.

Tarisland offers various difficulty levels for its raids, accompanied by random modifiers that significantly impact the gameplay experience within the dungeons’ creative challenges. Players have the freedom to challenge themselves at any time, familiarizing themselves with the mechanics of each dungeon, strategizing to uncover the most effective tactics, and coordinating with their teammates to achieve optimal results.

In this fair and non-pay-to-win game, players embark on an epic quest brimming with mysteries and peril, as they uncover the enigmatic secrets of an ancient world. Along the way, they carefully select their preferred characters from a pool of 40 exceptional talents, evaluating their skills, abilities, and specializations. The journey grows more arduous as players confront mighty bosses, demanding them to be prepared and resolute.

Currently Tarisland is on Beta stage. We hope to have a global release soon.

Tarisland has announced the commencement of its Android Closed Beta Test (CBT) in select regions for Android and PC platforms. These regions include Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Malaysia, The Philippines, and The United Kingdom. However, PC players have the advantage of being able to enjoy Tarisland’s closed beta from anywhere in the world.

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