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The MMO known as Sword of Mystic Shu has been early released by Chengdu Yimoxuan-Zhonglou Studio, with the intent of constructing an original and captivating immortal game world tailored for the vast community of Xianxia enthusiasts. In the creation of this world, Sword of Mystic Shu embraces a seamless large map approach, encompassing a myriad of historical sites rooted in ancient Chinese culture.

Across the expansive map, human factions, groups of monsters, and hidden natural treasures are scattered throughout. Players are presented with diverse fortuitous encounters to explore and overcome. Sword of Mystic Shu pays attention to both internal and external aspects of cultivation restoration. Internally, the game features spiritual root purification, realm breakthroughs, and cultivation techniques to bolster one’s strength.

Externally, divine weapons and immortal treasures serve as aids in battle. Additionally, there are blessed grotto-heavens, clans and sects, cultivation techniques, and other supplementary elements to enhance the overall cultivation journey.

Players embark on a journey that begins as an ordinary mortal stepping onto the immortal path, cultivating and evolving, traversing the nine provinces, combating demons, and ultimately ascending to the pinnacle of the nine heavens. Throughout this progression, players unravel personal grudges and feuds, carving out their unique cultivation path. Sword of Mystic Shu promises a comprehensive experience, capturing the essence of growth, challenges, and triumphs in the pursuit of immortality.

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