Land Arcana – ふしぎの大陸 – (JPN)

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Land Arcana is an upcoming open world X RPG where you can meet, well, fluffy people. “Land Arcana -The Mysterious Continent” is a great adventure for mobile users. On Arcana Continent, adventurers who are on a journey of salvation meet the Fluffy Squadron.

Embark on a journey of boundless exploration! Train your adorable companions and aspire to become the top adventurer on the Arcana continent. Achieving the encyclopedia with the 10-level bonus gacha is within reach!

Experience freedom across land, sea, and sky as you traverse unprecedented ruins using a diverse range of vehicles. Previously completed content can be revisited automatically, unveiling ancient heroic spirits and holy relics.

Forge alliances by forming parties or guilds with trustworthy friends who offer mutual support. Cap off a day of adventure with a lively dinner party, as you step into an adventurous life filled with both tears and laughter.

Engage in exhilarating strategic battles by combining skills to confront formidable foes. With an unexpected eight skill slots, explore countless skills and formations to create a heated battle that suits your style. Defeating bosses in multiplayer unlocks additional bonus rewards.

Land Arcana is only available to pre-order on JPN.

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