Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds

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Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is a roguelike action RPG designed for both Android and iOS platform from Frima Studio, in collaboration with Gearbox Publishing.

The Risk of Rain series has spanned a decade of gaming history, commencing in 2013 with the debut of the first game. Fast forward to August 2020, and we witnessed the sequel, Risk of Rain 2, followed by the 2023 remake of the original game, titled Risk of Rain Returns. Notably, these releases were tailored for PCs and consoles, marking Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds as the franchise’s first foray into the mobile gaming realm.

In the world of Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, players embark on a top-down, skill-packed journey—a side-quel set in the same timeline as Risk of Rain 2, exploring a unique chapter of the narrative. The game introduces dynamic mid-game Survivor swapping and a hero collector element as core gameplay features, offering a diverse lineup of Survivors for intense run-and-gun combat and epic battles against bullet-hell bosses. Beloved characters make a return alongside new allies, armed with formidable gear, ready to traverse diverse environments. The gameplay trailer provides a captivating glimpse into the upcoming adventure, showcasing its artistic flair and engaging dynamics.

While Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds has been confirmed as a mobile exclusive, a specific release date is yet to be announced. Anticipate testing phases and pre-registration opportunities leading up to the official launch. Stay informed about this exciting release by keeping an eye on upcoming announcements through the official website.

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