Praetor : Medieval Roguelite

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Praetor : Medieval Roguelite is an indie RPG roguelite game. It is developed by ‘jalalexe’, and indie developer. This game is still in the early access stage and will continue to be updated as time goes by.

The game runs in a 2D scenario where what stands out the most is the Pixel Art type design that the game has. It has a dose of RPG, and of course, being a roguelike, the game areas are extensive and in each of them we must discover secret locations full of enemies.

Engage in battles and enhance your capabilities by acquiring items. Once you feel sufficiently empowered, take on challenging bosses to progress to the next stage. Explore multiple biomes, each featuring distinct enemy types.

Elevate the excitement of your battles by purchasing and utilizing costumes or armor. The game offers a range of items with three different rarities, providing essential support to aid you in combat and ensure your survival.

You can download the game for free in Android.

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