Counter War: The Future

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Counter War: The Future, or Reverse War: The Future (Nizhan Future) is an upcoming sci-fi shooter game that has now opened pre-registrations in China. Developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent, “Counter War: The Future” offers players a futuristic adventure with a variety of game modes to explore.

Serving as a sequel to the domestically self-developed FPS game “Counter War,” this near-future science fiction cooperative shooting game is set in 2071 and will be available on both mobile and PC platforms. With features like world exploration, dungeon challenges, mecha battles, classic hunting grounds, and tower defense, players will find themselves immersed in a dynamic and thrilling gaming experience.

In “Counter War: The Future,” players take on the role of a time-traveling protagonist, navigating an open world, teaming up to conquer dungeons, and engaging in intense battles against monsters using advanced firearms and skills. Whether soaring through the skies or piloting giant mechas, players can realize their futuristic combat fantasies and even embark on space exploration. Inspired by Destiny 2, the game boasts stunning visuals and a captivating color palette, promising an action-packed sci-fi adventure that will captivate players as they journey through the cosmos.

Excitement is building with pre-registrations for “Counter War: The Future” now open on the Haoyou Kuaidao app store. Players can sign up using the App Client’s QR code and anticipate multiple rounds of testing in 2024, eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into this thrilling futuristic world.

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