Power Rangers All Stars (SEA)

All Power Rangers heroes gathered in one place! Power Rangers All Stars!
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Apr 30, 2024
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In Power Rangers All Stars, witness the convergence of all your favorite heroes in one epic gathering! This hero collecting RPG breathes new life into the genre with charming 3D modeling and exhilarating action sequences.

Rita Repulsa, the notorious villain once sealed away by the Dino Ranger, rises once more. Seeking to fulfill her quest for Earth’s conquest, she triggers a quantum portal, tearing through space and time. Earths from different eras merge into one, plunging the city into chaos. With Rita and her minions amassing dark energy, monsters spill forth through dimensional rifts, wreaking havoc on the populace. The only hope lies in uniting all Rangers across parallel universes to form the ultimate defense against the encroaching darkness. Can the Power Rangers All-Stars prevail and restore peace to Earth? Take command of this formidable team and lead them to victory.

Engage in battle alongside Rangers and Megazords from all 46 Power Rangers series! Acquire a diverse array of Rangers through supply collections, assembling your dream team of heroes. Develop your Rangers, enhancing their levels and grades to bolster your combat capabilities. Explore the showcased Rangers and Megazords in the showroom to assemble your ultimate lineup.

Harness the spectacular abilities and striking skills of the Rangers to claim victory on the battlefield. In moments of dire need, call forth the Megazord to shift the tide of battle in your favor. Embark on missions to confront the main villains from the original series, quelling crises in the besieged city. Test the mettle of your Power Rangers in a multitude of stages, including 90 main missions and 9 dimensional challenges.

Power Rangers All Stars is available for Android and iOS.



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