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BattleTabs is a turn-based, competitive, free-to-play game full of nautical nonsense.
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Apr 11, 2024
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Welcome aboard BattleTabs, a thrilling turn-based adventure set amidst the waves, where maritime madness meets strategic showdowns! Dive into this free-to-play sensation, where simplicity meets depth, and only the sharpest minds will reign supreme.

Crafted by a passionate indie team behind the BattleTabs Chrome Extension, prepare for epic PVP encounters infused with the spirit of Battleship and enhanced with Tactical Abilities. Hone your skills, ascend the ranks, and reap rewards from each skirmish to unlock and research formidable new vessels.

Customize your armada to match your style of play, enriching your naval strategies with specialized attack maneuvers like sonar and revelation. Choose from a diverse array of factions, including Vikings, pirates, and mythical sea beasts, and distinguish your fleet with an assortment of striking ship skins.

Initiate epic confrontations with friends, each turn granting 24 hours for tactical deliberation. Bid farewell to idle moments, as notifications alert you when it’s your turn to command.

Participate in exhilarating tournaments hosted regularly on our Discord server, or take charge of your own tournaments with the Discord BattleBot.

Experience seamless PVP action on handheld devices, with controls and interfaces optimized for mobile and tablets. Whether you crave quick skirmishes or protracted battles, expect a fluid experience akin to PC gaming.

Embrace the waves of excitement in BattleTabs, where every connection counts—be it 4G, 5G, or WiFi. Let the battles begin!



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