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Download Mighty Doom, the latest addition to the DOOM game series. A top-down action game for Android and iOS devices. The setting is set in a toy factory, where a sudden burst of energy unleashes demons that kidnap the protagonist’s pet bunny Mini Slayer. The latter comes to life and is transported to an alternate dimension in order to exterminate his rivals and save Daisy.

the game it’s more or less a take on the bite-sized roguelike top-down shooter genre that Archero made so famous several years back, but stuffed to the gills with all the Hellish and gory facets from the Doom universe–except all cute and chibi.

The Mini Slayer is still just as effective and deadly to demons. He has a plethora of familiar weapons from the DOOM games at his disposal, and every time he loses he returns to the beginning of the track. This is an important part of the game, because each round he accumulates experience points that he uses to upgrade his skills and equipment.

The game is really fun and somehow cute. Considering that it is DOOM we are talking about. Mighty Doom has been in various stages of soft launch for a couple of years already.

Mighty Doom is due on the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) on March 21, 2023 as a free-to-play title. Pre-registration has opened and gives some exclusive weapon skins as a bonus. iOS players can pre-register at Bethesda website.

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