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Download Marvel Snap, an upcoming Marvel Card game with all the heroes and villains you can imagine. Marvel Snap comes from the Second Dinner game studio, which is made up of former Hearthstone game makers. This is a fast-paced card game that lets players take turns making risky moves against one another in as short as a three-minute battle.

The overall goal of is to collect Cosmic Cubes. The name Marvel Snap comes from a move in the game you can make within a match. A Snap is a wager that says you feel you will beat your opponent that doubles the loss or win of the outcome. Just like Hearthstone, Attack and Defense are at the heart of the cards and their value.

It has been confirmed by developers that Marvel Snap will be a free-to-play title. But remember free-to-play games often have some level of microtransactions. It’s not confirmed that this game will, but it is very possible that Marvel Snap will have some microtransactions. The video game includes over 150 iconic Marvel characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and lets players create their own team to then make their move.

“Nuverse is committed to building a global community of connected gamers, bringing them fun experiences and inspiring mobile gaming they won’t find anywhere else,” said Tom van Dam, Senior Director of BD and Partnerships for SNAP (Nuverse), in a statement.

“With MARVEL SNAP, we worked hand-in-hand with the teams at developer Second Dinner and Marvel to create a unique, exciting card battler that we hope is a hit with players worldwide.” Along with countless characters, players will also be able to play in over 50 locations so that “players will never play the same game twice.”

Along with the initial launch of 150 characters, the game will also add additional ones as more were introduced in Marvel’s TV shows and movies. For now, some of the main characters include Iron Man, Baby Groot, Wolverine, America Chavez, Venom, Mister Fantastic, and Miles Morales. The game will also have variants that players can collect, including Mysterio, Apocalypse, Green Goblin, and Onslaught.

How to unlock cards in Marvel Snap Guide

Marvel Snap has elevated card games to a whole new level by bringing together a myriad of MCU’s iconic heroes and villains. With a deck packed with special […]

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