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Download Maplestory M, RPG role-playing game for Android phones and iPhone. In this classic online RPG we can collect monsters that we did not face during our adventures in the world of Maple M and enjoy some of the most popular PC games ever.

MapleStory M is the mobile version of the popular MapleStory. A game that was all the rage back in the 2000s. MapleStory M brings that whole world to your cell phone along with all the MMORPG touches that the original version brought with it.

This is a classic MMORPG. We must choose from the beginning between the available classes. We have the classic MapleStory characters: Dark Knight, Master Archer, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair. Our mission will be to level up our characters to the maximum along with their abilities.

For them we must embark on all the missions that the game offers us. We can explore in-game cities like Henesys, Perion, and more. In our expeditions we will see other players in real time performing the same tasks, in the different events of the game or just walking around the city.

Graphically MapleStory has a 2D environment. The animations are very good. The character and setting design is very well done, always with that cartoonish style and pleasing to the eye.

On the social side, we can band together with other players and form a legion. This way it will be easier to go to face the different bosses of the game. Maplestory M is free for iPhone and Android. You don’t need to pay to play, but it does include a series of in-game purchases to help us move forward faster or easier. For the best gaming experience, MapleStory M requires OS 4.4, dual-core CPU, and 1.5GB of RAM or higher. Includes in-game purchases.

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