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Lineage2M is the latest Lineage game in one of the most well known RPG sagas. The mobile version of this popular MMORPG comes with a lot of action, story and the most impressive graphic set we may have ever seen on a mobile game. Lineage2M is set to be release globally today, December 2, 2021.

The first Beta was available to PC players, however Lineage2M is aimed to players who want to enjoy it from a mobile device. It has a lot of RPG classic features like a class system where we can choose between different kind of heroes, many characters races (over 36 races including Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs) and six types of weapons.

Lineage2M’s classes has a sword-and-shield Knight, an Archer for ranged combat, a dual-bladed Warrior, a Raider with assassins’ accuracy, a Wizard with a magical Staff and a Cleric that wields Orbs of holy healing power.

Lineage2M has a PvE mode alongside a PvP mode. The PvE mode is really gorgeous. The game is a open world full of dungeons and boss hunts. These are a really hard challenges so better keep up a good team with you. The battles are so epic, thanks to the really nice graphics, maybe the most impressive in a mobile game ever.

Aden is a vast and stunning world. The game has thousands of players playing simultaneously, doing a variety of quests or just exploring the world. The continents of Aden can be navigated on foot or with the use of teleporters or just flight on a wyvern.

Lineage2M has an auto mode system. This system allows the player to just touch a button and our character will grind by itself. It may sound nice if you don’t have so much time or want to keep the game in the background while we do another things, but it takes away most of the fun and keep ourselves just worried about the grind and not the battle system.

The graphics. Lineage2M has a full 3D  environment in 4K UHD resolution, the highest definition available on mobile devices yet. Detailed character expressions, amazing skills animations and a well detailed world, Lineage2M has the highest degree of graphics quality we can ask for.

Lineage2M is a heavy game, it uses around 6Gb of space and needs 3GB of RAM. So you may need a fast mobile device if you want a smooth experience. Also a permanent internet connection in needed. It is available on Android and iPhone devices.

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