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Last True Sword, the latest addition to Android gaming, places you in the sandals (or tabi) of a katana-wielding warrior concealed behind a tengu mask. Your mission? To navigate a world laden with peril and intrigue, en route to bringing down the malevolent King Zangetsu and dispensing justice to the realm.

While Last True Sword unquestionably boasts a narrative-driven adventure, its simple 2D platformer appearance conceals a plethora of surprises. Beyond the captivating story mode, where you’ll carve through adversaries and enhance your character, an array of diverse side content awaits, promising hours of enthralling gameplay.

Last True Sword has various Game Modes, Duel Mode: Immerse yourself in cinematic one-on-one duels reminiscent of classic samurai cinema, enriched with a pixelated flair. Choose from a selection of characters, each armed with distinct abilities and skills. Your objective: eliminate your opponent before they reach you.

Eclipse Mode: Challenge your survival instincts in this endless hordes mode. Waves of diverse enemies will relentlessly assail you. The goal is simple: endure each wave until you conquer the specified rounds. The Path: Embark on a distinctive journey reminiscent of an endless runner. Navigate an obstacle-strewn gauntlet, testing your agility and reflexes to their limits. Beware, as a single collision brings your run to an end.

If this enthralling blend of storytelling and diverse gameplay appeals to you, waste no time! You can experience Last True Sword for free in the Google Play Store.

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