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Devolver Digital is set to bring Askiisoft’s “Katana Zero” game to mobile through Netflix Games. Initially released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 by indie developer Justin Stander, Katana Zero boasts a retro aesthetic that goes beyond mere nostalgia, resonating on various levels.

Katana Zero stands out as a distinctive platformer, seamlessly blending side-scrolling hack-and-slash combat with advanced features like Zero’s time manipulation. This unique interaction with time enables players to anticipate enemy movements through slow-motion, restart missions from scratch, and review their attempts using Zero’s precognition abilities.

The game is characterized by its intense violence, high stakes, and a surprisingly impactful storyline. Inspired significantly by John Wick, Katana Zero, despite its initial under-the-radar release, deserves recognition as a leading title in its genre.

While the game revolves around frenetic swordplay, the side-scrolling action maintains a level of organization not immediately apparent. Armed solely with a blade and assisted by time manipulation, players wield the speed and power to effortlessly clear entire enemy strongholds unscathed. Each screen poses a puzzle-like arrangement of enemies, demanding calculated movements and precise attacks. Katana Zero emphasizes strategy over improvisation and quick reactions.

Katana Zero will hit mobile thanks to Netflix Games, we don’t have a release date yet but it is expected to be available on late 2024.

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