Guardian Goddess Idle RPG

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NeoWiz attacks again. the Korean-based game developer announces the global release of Guardian Goddess Idle RPG. This game is a mix between an Idle RPG with an immersive hack-and-slash.

Guardian Goddess Idle RPG comes with 24 unique equipment pieces, including weapons, helmets, and armor. Indulge in the thrill of customization with a wide selection of costumes, igniting a fervent desire to collect every treasure the game has to offer.

Engage in a plethora of activities within the vibrant game world, from thrilling hunting quests to bustling village endeavors. Test your mettle in diverse dungeon challenges, including heart-pounding boss battles, strategic defense missions, exhilarating tower climbing trials, and lucrative resource mining expeditions.

What sets Guardian Goddess Idle RPG apart is its unparalleled versatility in gameplay. Master over 20 visually stunning skills, granting players the freedom to combine and employ them at their discretion. Whether you prefer manual control for precise combat maneuvers or a more laid-back experience through automatic mode, the choice is yours to make. Prepare for an unforgettable journey of discovery and triumph in this captivating idle RPG.

However if you can see, the UI even it seems familiar, is really full of numbers. I think they want to emphasize in the damage, this is a RPG, but it could be a little overwhelming, take into account that these are official screenshots. So many numbers.

In order to celebrate the official launch, all users who pre-booked Guardian Goddess Idle RPG will be rewarded with an exclusive ‘limited edition costume set,’ offering a unique and stylish appearance to their characters.

Additionally, players will receive bonus in-game currency called ‘Diamond’ based on the cumulative number of reservations made. These valuable Diamonds can be exchanged for top-tier weapons, hairstyles, and equipment, further enhancing the gameplay experience.

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