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Goat Simulator 3 Mobile brings the wonderfully zany gameplay from the original PC and console release. This portable version allows players to experience the madness on their iOS and Android devices, either solo or with a friend in local co-op mode.

In this third-person sandbox adventure, you step into the hooves of a goat and immerse yourself in a world of absurdity. You can indulge in activities like ramming unsuspecting civilians, taking joyrides without a valid license, customizing your goat’s appearance, and wreaking havoc across the vast landscape of San Angora.

Goat Simulator 3, crafted by Coffee Stain North, stands as a direct sequel to the original Goat Simulator, a humorous video game born from an April Fool’s prank during a game jam. Back in 2014, Goat Simulator evolved from a joke into a bona fide sensation in the niche of goat simulation, selling millions of copies across various gaming platforms, including consoles and PCs.

Over the years, it even expanded its quirky influence to include adaptations for Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Apple Arcade. Pilgor and its companions first headbutted their way into our hearts (and screens) in 2014 with the debut of Goat Simulator.

Now, nearly a decade later, Pilgor has made its mark on virtually every gaming platform imaginable. You can already pre-register for Goat Simulator Mobile on both Android and iOS, so get ready to embark on another wild goat adventure.

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