Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition (Apple Arcade) is the Dreamlight Valley game coming to Apple devices on December 5. This edition of the game will offer crossplay support with the Xbox, Switch, and PC versions. However, it’s worth noting that Gameloft has confirmed that it won’t support cross-save functionality. Therefore, if you’re playing on a console or PC, you won’t be able to continue your village progress while on the go.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition also comes bundled with the expansion pass, Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift In Time. This expansion introduces a brand new storyline filled with long-lost secrets and treasures. Set in the distant land of Eternity Isle, far from Dreamlight Valley, players will encounter new Disney and Pixar characters and harness the power of a mysterious royal artifact, the Hourglass. Together, they’ll unravel the devious plots of the nefarious Jafar.

Embark on a journey through a world brimming with magic in Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition, a captivating fusion of life simulation and adventure, featuring beloved Disney and Pixar characters. Explore diverse realms, each presenting unique challenges and puzzles, and form meaningful bonds with characters like WALL•E, Belle, Goofy, and a host of others. With the ability to personalize landscapes and access thousands of decorative options, players can bring their dream neighborhood to life in this ever-evolving world of creativity and wonder.

One notable feature of this version is that, since Apple Arcade prohibits paid microtransactions and in-app purchases, all expansion content is fully included. This means there won’t be a premium shop or paid Star Paths in the game.

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