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Download Avatar Generations. Avatar: Generations is a free-to-play open-world RPG for mobile, available on both iOS and Android devices. The game uses both idle and RPG mechanics, meaning that some aspects of the game continue on their own as time passes while others must be controlled by the player.

In this game players will progress through the many levels by tapping a quest location on the map and choosing which characters to bring to that spot. Quests have requirements, like requiring Aang and Katara in your party, so you must adhere to these parameters when choosing your team members. Heroes must also be unlocked before you can use them.

Avatar: Generations also features a multi-layered hero and equipment upgrade system. This includes a plethora of unique skills and enchantable gears for each character including equipment, support and relic items, each with various tiers of rarity for tons of possible loadout and party combinations.

Underpinning every facet of the game is a rich narrative that follows, and builds upon, the themes, messages and stories from the beloved Nickelodeon show. This includes bright and bold 2D narrative sequences and stellar introductory cinematics from the same animation studio that created the beloved animated series’ memorable opener.

Avatar Generations is available worldwide for Android and iPhone.

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