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Wizard of Legend is now available for Android and iOS. This mobile adaptation of the popular roguelite game had initially been unveiled way back in July 2021,is set to make its debut on the App Store and Google Play Store tomorrow, courtesy of Humble Games.

For those unfamiliar with Wizard of Legend, it’s a roguelite action game in which you step into the role of a wizard on a quest to descend through a procedurally generated dungeon. As wizards tend to do, this particular wizard is anything but frail, wielding a diverse array of potent magic to fend off adversaries. The ultimate aim is to conquer all the formidable bosses and earn the illustrious title of “Wizard of Legend”.

The original game had made a mark on various gaming platforms, including consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Steam, since its launch in 2018. It had earned a positive reputation over the years, captivating players with its unique blend of action and magic. With a sequel on the horizon, fans were thrilled about the opportunity to relive the magic of the first game on mobile devices.

Wizard of Legend Mobile is finally available to iOS and Android tomorrow morning. The original game promises a great deal of fun, and if the port has been executed with care.

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