Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense

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Download Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense. A new strategy game brought to you by the Fun&Q Network. Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense is designed to provide players with an immersive and strategic tower defense experience, allowing them to put their current skills and strategies to the test while refining their abilities for the challenges ahead.

Set in its own distinct lore, the game unfolds in the aftermath of the “Monster War,” a great conflict that has concluded, leaving behind a world without heroes. Now, the mantle of responsibility falls on the players, known as deputy leaders, who are entrusted with safeguarding and upholding order within the society.

As a strategic endeavor, players assume the crucial role of selecting the most adept heroes from the available pool to mount a stalwart defense against the impending monster onslaught.

Within the game, an array of characters boasts diverse backgrounds and distinct personalities. Among them, one may encounter the slightly reserved young magicians, the poised and confident Ouripia mercenaries, as well as intrepid travelers who have traversed the entire continent—some even include remarkably intelligent robots. This eclectic mix empowers players to assemble a dynamic team of heroes, capable of staunchly repelling the impending assault upon the continent.

Embark on a captivating journey to the Rune continent, where disruptions have begun to arise in the wake of the concluded war. The community faces renewed threats from encroaching monsters, and Rune, renowned for its prestigious school of magic and resident heroes, stands on the brink.

The game, Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense is now available as an early access for Android accessible via Google Play.

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