Throne of Three Kingdoms

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Throne of Three Kingdoms Unveils is available for Android Players. Gacraze Entertainment Limited introduces the exhilarating strategy title, Throne of Three Kingdoms, which has now opened its doors for pre-registrations on the Android platform. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Three Kingdoms IP, this game brings to life legendary heroes from the franchise in a captivating strategic narrative.

Throne of Three Kingdoms offers a turn-based strategy experience, beckoning players to carve their path to supremacy. Within this immersive realm, the ultimate objective is to conquer rival kingdoms through strategic victories. Players have the opportunity to assemble formidable armies under the leadership of iconic heroes from the Three Kingdoms, thus shaping a fresh historical narrative through their tactical brilliance.

As the game unfolds, alliances are formed with numerous allies, necessitating the implementation of shrewd tactics to seize control of the capital across an expansive map comprising 144,000 grids. Adding to the intrigue, the game’s launch promises an initial 1200 draws free of charge, facilitating the collection of preferred heroes and equipment, propelling players into their thrilling Throne of Three Kingdoms odyssey.

Eager players can now pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store’s dedicated Throne of Three Kingdoms page for Android devices. The pre-registration campaign comes with a rewarding Deluxe Gift bundle, encompassing SR Lady Zhen x1, 200 Ingots, 100 Action Points, 5 1-Hour Speed-ups, and 5 March Points.

While the exact release date is yet to be confirmed officially, anticipation remains high for the grand unveiling. As for iOS enthusiasts, details regarding pre-registration initiation are still under wraps, indicating that eager players need to stay tuned for forthcoming announcements.

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