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The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Overview

Download The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross to your phone. The popular anime has arrived on mobile devices with an amazing gameplay and high-level cinematics. Fans of the Japanese series will be really happy to see all the characters present in this adventure. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a role-playing game that mixes cards game mechanics.

Grand Gross will put us in the anime The Seven Deadly Sins, an adaptation of the manga created by Nakaba Suzukique. The anime recently premiered its fourth season on Netflix. The game will put us in the bar of Meliodas and Hawk. It’s a reference to the anime, but that’s how this experience begins.

You can control Meliodas, Hawk, Elizabeth, Diana or the other characters that appear in the original story, going all over the continent of Britain. Cinematics, as we point out, are a very nice addition; however, the fights in The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross are their real top point.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross has a turn based combat, but it is not boring or slow at all. The game features stunning graphics and a unique strategy system, which is branded as the “skill synthesis”. For example, when you have two cards of the same ability and in close levels, they will be automatically combined to upgrade to the next level.

Players can mix, thanks to the synthesis mechanics, a set of skills to achieve a more powerful spells on the battlefield. The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross allows us to also use co-op mode, with a friend. You’ll have to beat multiple demons in a certain time, with strategy and collaboration with your partner being the keys to beat the game.

Grand Cross also let us to build our own team, being able to gather the Seven Deadly Sins lineup, although for this we will need to advance a lot in the game, because, even the game is free, it includes in-app purchases that allow us to obtain diamonds needed to buy characters.

This game is available for Android and iOS. Also request a camera permission to use the game’s RA function, to take photos with RA characters. Therefore, if you enjoyed the fun adventures of anime and want to live them on your smartphone, this is the game you are looking for, whether you are an Android or iOS user.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross offers a great setting, characters of the original story, high-quality animations and thrilling turn-based combat, as well as the dose of humor that characterizes the original work.

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