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Revelation M is an open-world MMORPG now available for Android and iOS devices in early access in select regions in European and North American regions. Last year, the game known as Revelation: Infinite Journey, the Southeast Asian version of Revelation M, opened its doors for pre-registration, anticipating its upcoming release.

Revelation M has redefined the gaming landscape by constructing a virtual world grounded in meticulous research of real-world scenic wonders, amusement parks, and shows, encompassing vast oceans, expansive skies, and the depths of the sea. The game’s primary objective is to seamlessly immerse players in these stunning environments, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience.

A standout feature of Revelation M lies in its commitment to enabling players to forge an identity steeped in courage and adventure. The game boasts an intricate character creation system that allows for detailed customization, coupled with an unprecedented level of freedom in the fashion system. Non-player characters (NPCs) are brought to life through powerful AI systems, elevating the overall gaming experience.

Moreover, Revelation M invites players to express themselves through its social and job systems, offering roles such as singers, dancers, designers, cooks, or even vigilantes. With a face sculpting system, new characters, customizable clothing, and groundbreaking customization technology, players can bring their dream characters to life.

Currently in global early access, Revelation M is available for download on Android via the Google Play Store and on iOS through the App Store. For iOS users interested in joining the Revelation M beta, simply open the provided link on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac after installing TestFlight.

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