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Download Path to Nowhere, a hero-collection, tower defense RPG. With a lot of waifus characters in the game. ASINO Games made the global release. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

The gameplay is vastly common for tower defense RPGs. Like many hero-collection you can deploy your characters during the preparation phase. Once the battle begin, you will not be able to change any characters on the field. This works similar to many gacha hero games too.

After our lineup selection, we have a set number of times where we can move our characters around the battlefield during the combat phase. But remember that we can’t change our heroes, so a defense strategy may be the best idea until we get a better understanding of the game or we get a strong lineup, a more offensive one.

In Path to Nowhere, players take control of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (MBCC) and get the mission to lead the humankind’s defense against Mania, a physical mutation of humans that starts as a mental illness. The MBCC employs the strength of Sinners to deal with numerous disasters in addition to apprehending and subduing dangerous Sinners.

Like many Chinese developed mobile games, the resources needed to upgrade your characters can be a little high while the supply for the resources are either limited or gated. Luckily, almost every character in the game is useful in his/her own way regardless of the rarity. You can complete most of the game with only A or B ranked characters as long as they are fully upgraded.

Path to Nowhere is a really good game. The art is top, the mechanics are on sport. The game is now available on your local App or Play Store.

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