Parallel Realms

Parallel Realms Overview

Parallel Realms is an upcoming waifu collection mobile game with over 100 different beautiful anime agents for Players to collect. Each of these agents possesses their own unique skills and abilities. It is up to you Players to mix and match them in your party to overcome different difficult missions.

The story told us about a gateway connected to parallel worlds, gathers heroes with diverse powers. Heroes clash in for their different faiths, but they are unaware of the conspiracy. A hidden evil force is about to threaten both realms. Hehe, sounds like any other game right?

But, it seems to have some strong points. First it is important to remember it has a lot of gacha elements, since it’s based in heroes, we will have to collect everyone. Heroes endowed with mythical tech, have united to obliterate the monsters blocking their path. The adventure commences, brimming with danger, shaping intertwined destinies. When faiths clash and secrets unravel, heroes realize their missions.

During combat, your agents will be displayed in chibi form featuring vivid Live2D illustrations. The game has an idle mode thus you’ll continue to level up and gain rewards even when you’re not playing the game. Which is a good point if you like idle games.

As today, players can Pre-register for the game to unlock some nifty ingame rewards when the game releases. We don’t have a global release date yet.

Parallel Realms: Pre Registration Link

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