One Piece: Dream Pointer

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One Piece Dream Pointer is an upcoming One Piece adventure mobile game. Dream Pointer, which previously announced a closed beta test in China set for next month, has now opened its doors for recruits within China to join the testing crew and embark on an exhilarating high-seas adventure.

Officially authorized by Toei Animation, the game boasts highly polished details and upgraded graphics. It employs 40,000-face ultra-high-precision modeling and host-level cartoon rendering technology, providing a truly immersive restoration of character interactions. High-definition partners come to life, and the captivating secrets are even more thrilling.

Engage in immersive exploration with a panoramic tour of the Champaodi Islands. The game innovatively creates a panoramic map of the Champaodi Islands, where players encounter various characters such as pirates, businessmen, and bounty hunters, triggering novel easter eggs. Appreciate the changes in scenery from day to night and experience the immersive life in the main city. Enjoy the freedom of sailing life in this vibrant setting.

Reunite with your partners two years later and embark on a new-world adventure. The adventure commences two years later, with partners joyfully gathering at the Champaody Islands. A new animation storyboard narrates the voyage, featuring 148 minutes of famous high-definition scenes performed in 3D. Original voice actors provide their full voices, allowing players to relive every tearful, joyful, and refreshing emotional moment.

The One Piece game is scheduled to set sail on December 6, 2023, with pre-download available on December 5 for Android users. It’s a sneak peek, so anticipate a few rough spots as they test some features, and keep in mind that some files might be deleted afterward. iOS users, your turn is on the horizon, just not quite yet.


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