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Download Ninja Must Die, a game from Pandada Games. Ninja Must Die is a side-scrolling runner game that is simple to pick up but difficult to master. There are many traps, enemies, different levelled platforms, and obstacles in the game that will prevent your character to move forward.

The main story was fully voice-overed. The story itself is simple and engaging.”In order to rebuild the homes of the people and restore peace and order from the Oni, two heroes from the Ninja and Samurai clan came together to fend off the Oni. The Samurai became the Supreme Ruler of this new land and became known as the Samurai Daimyo while the Ninja disappeared from the public eye to protect the land from the shadows.”

Players will take on the role of Kuro, a young Ninja who is caught in a conspiracy where the Samurai clan decided to plot against the Ninja clan due to their greed for power. On the other hand, the seal that had trapped the Onis for hundreds of years has begun to weaken and they are back for revenge. Join Kuro and his team of Ninja and fight for the peace of the world.

There are 4 main characters that were introduced during the test period and each of them has their own unique abilities and traits. Similar to most mobile RPGs, there are many ways to strengthen your character in Ninja Must Die. In fact, I’m surprised that a simple runner game has so many ways to grow your character.

Ninja Must Die was released on 14th of December for Android and iPhone.

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