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Download My Hero Ultra Impact, another Bandai Namco game with the popular anime and manga My Hero Academia. This is a gacha RPG game with nice graphics, gameplay and look and feel for the anime fans.

My Hero Ultra Impact has been translated in English from the Japanese version, which is the one online right now. It has to be played on your phone, it doesn’t work on Bluestack or another Android emulator. At the beginning there is unlimited rerolls if you want to start with your favorite hero.

This is a gacha game with more traditional approach. The cards have the rarity system, so we have to gacha a little ir order to build a proper team to help us to clear all the dungeons and missions the game has. We also have a friend system where we can get some items and help.

The gameplay is really simple. Ultra Impact features 3-on-3 battles where players can create parties and train them through a RPG system. Each character brings their unique skillset to the battle, which helps to the combat. But there is just some taps there and there and that’s it. We don’t have to focus so much on game, this is more a build team game. There’s a story mode that begins with the meeting of the main character, Izuku Midoriya, and the Number One Hero, All Might. The campaign follows events from the anime.

Graphically is really nice if you like the cartoonish style of anime. The cutscenes and special move clips are really cool but the battle itself may not be in the same detail level. The menus are well crafted and you can enjoy all the art of the anime in this game.

Right now we can play the Japanese version using a VPN but the pre-registration campaign for the global version is live. The Hero Gem reward will rise according to the number of preregistered users, up to a maximum of 500. My Hero Ultra Impact will launch in 2022.

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