My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

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Download My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero. A amazing adaptation of the original story of the manga and anime My Hero Academia. This is a 3D game with some touches of RPG and action, PvP battles, an achievement system and a lot of anime stories.,

This is a My Hero Academia anime adaptation into the videogames world. The game looks really nice. The city designs and environments are well crafted for how big and complex they are. The UI has a lot of info with multiple different buttons and screens. The work well, but sometimes people can get confuse with so many different screens with lists of tasks.

We have to complete the main quests to earn some rewards and unlock more game modes. Clearing dungeons is the best way to level up and watch a lot of the anime clips the game gas. We can compete with other players in the Arena, which is unlocked at level 19.  We have an Alliance if we want to make some friends.

When you play characters feel good and the animations are nice. Unlucky this doesn’t happen all the time, the game lacks some work with some animations but the are on spot most of the time. There are a lot of game modes which is nice, and the story makes up for some of the weakest aspects of combat.

Remember this is a gacha game so there could be some p2W and monetization issues. Items in My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero seemed to have a good value, but you have to evaluate if the prices are right with the time.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero is free to download, is available global and in China through the App Store and Google Play Store.

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