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Mecharashi, also known as Ganglan,  is a Sci Fi RPG Mobile game which has commenced open beta testing for Android, iOS, and PC platforms. Developed by BlackJack Studio, recognized for titles such as Dream Simulator and Heaven and Earth Tribulation: The Return of the Dark City, Mecharashi offers an exciting sci-fi strategy game experience. Players assume control of a mercenary team named Cheetah Logistics and collaborate with the enigmatic “Tan” girl organization to unveil a global conspiracy.

At its core, the gameplay integrates war chess mechanics with mecha themes. Players act as commanders, making strategic decisions during battles. Additionally, customization options for mechas include their torso, hands, legs, and weapons, allowing for a unique blend of battlefield decision-making and strategic choices.

From the available gameplay snippets, the visuals appear impressive, and the storyline seems intricately explained through cutscenes. The top-down camera perspective is employed, occasionally shifting to a closer view during special attacks or other significant moments. Various attack styles are accessible, providing an element of strategy to the gameplay.

The Mecharashi open beta testing is now underway across multiple platforms starting from December 7, 2023. Android users can access the .apk file via this link and install it upon completion of the download. iOS players can access the game through the App Store client. The PC version can be downloaded from the official website, where players can also find more information about the game. Signing in is currently only possible via the Zilong account, which is restricted to registration using a mobile phone number, WeChat, QQ, or Weibo, all of which are limited to China.

Before installation, ensure that your Android device meets the minimum requirements, including a Snapdragon 480/Snapdragon 690/Kirin 980 CPU, Android 7.0 or higher, 2GB of storage, and at least 10GB of available space. For iOS devices, ensure it is an iPhone 8 Plus or newer with iOS 12.0.0 or later.

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