KonoSuba Fantastic Days

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Download KonoSuba Fantastic Days. an action RPG based on the famous anime Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (aka KonoSuba). In this game  you will get new heroes from the popular manga and anime. With these heros we can reunite a squad, improve them and send them to battle against the demons of the magical world. The game has a large number of selectable characters and an original storyline, with good graphics, impressive voice acting and good music.

The story begins with a dialogue between the protagonist, Kazuma Sato, and the goddess Aqua. She invites him to be reborn in a parallel world and live without worries, but where he must fight against the Demon King. He can take with him whatever he wants… so Sato decides to take Aqua with him, and now both of them are transported to Axel, a fantastic city where the adventure will begin.

Axel is a world threatened by the Demon King’s army. In this trip to another world you will accompany Kazuma, who does not know that he will have to fight against the Demon King to save his new home. In this adventure he will have the company of all the characters from KonoSuba!, as well as other new heroes who will be ready to help Kazuma in his mission.

The game features gorgeously rendered scenes and high-quality animations. The original voices that brought the characters from the famous anime to life reprise their roles, including stars such as Jun Fukushima, Rie Takahashi, Sora Amamiya, and Ai Kayano. KonoSuba Fantastic Days has gacha mechanics, we have to collect new characters who comes in card form with stars which show us their powerl level.

This role-playing game includes exclusive plots. You will be discovering the history of this new world and the reasons for the fight with the story and character missions. In addition to Kazuma, an adventurer, you will have Aqua, a beautiful goddess, the blast fanatic Megumin, and the deranged double paladin Darkness.

The game features intuitive controls in battles against demons and monsters. In addition, if you register on Nexon, the developer’s website, you will be able to save game data to your personal ID.

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