Tamamon World (JPN)

Welcome to the world full of adventure with Tamamon
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May 15, 2024
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Welcome to the adventure-filled world of Tamamon World (タマモンワールド). Set in the fantasy continent of St. Truth, Tamamon World is home to mysterious phantom beasts known as Tamamon. These creatures, capable of taking various forms including human and flying forms, have coexisted with humans since ancient times.

Long ago, someone discovered how to form bonds between Tamamon and humans, leading to the rise of individuals known as “Filiars” who possess the ability to deepen these connections. In a world where Tamamon provide power and humans offer love, a new conspiracy threatens their harmonious coexistence.

Tamamon come in many forms, capable of flying, swimming, breathing fire, and shooting beams. They are categorized by four attributes: fire, water, lightning, and earth, each with unique abilities. Train and level up your Tamamon, evolving them into powerful new forms.

Choose from six major occupations such as samurai, assassin, or wizard, and experience the thrill of different combat styles. Switch freely between ranged, close combat, and support roles, tailoring your adventure to suit your preferences.

In Tamamon World, friendship and romance abound. Form a marriage contract with your favorite partner, team up with guild members to tackle bosses, and embark on journeys with NPCs in the royal capital and villages. Support and warmth from loved ones make your adventure less lonely.

With an idle function, you can explore Tamamon World anytime, anywhere. Whether you prefer a relaxed gameplay experience or thrilling battles with easy controls, Tamamon World caters to all styles of play.


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