Kingdom Heroes – Empire (SEA)

Kingdom Heroes is the first cross-civilisation game in the series. It combines the four civilizations of the Han Dynasty, Bakufu, Federal, and Roma.
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May 17, 2024
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Kingdom Heroes (SEA Edition) marks the first cross-civilization installment in the series, merging the Han Dynasty, Bakufu, Federal, and Roma civilizations. With innovative gameplay like BOSS capture, hot and cold weapon encounters, career restrictions, free trading, soldier systems, and the embodiment of renowned generals, this MMORPG promises to fulfill your imagination of national war epics!

Venture beyond the Three Kingdoms as the game spans centuries, uniting civilizations from different eras. From the Han Dynasty and Bakufu in the East to the Federal and Roma in the West, players choose between traditional cold weapons like swords and knives or modern hot weapons like muskets and guns.

Recruit countless famous generals to forge your path to glory, conquering vast territories and crafting your own legend. Explore diverse cultures and histories while experiencing different epochs, becoming both a witness and a rewriter of history.

Experience a unique capture system, where players can command monsters, chiefs, and world kings to serve their cause. Customize your soldier formations and wield dual weapons, alternating between close combat and ranged attacks, or mastering shields for both offense and defense.

Engage in a robust trade system, including bidding and exchange, offering players ample opportunities for economic gameplay. Market prices are entirely player-driven, adding depth to the virtual economy.

Participate in real-time map battles with up to 10,000 players, leading armies to seize cities and strongholds for glory and rewards. Become a legendary leader, traversing time and space, meeting heroes past and present, and ascending to the throne.

Join the ranks of heroes and carve your own legend! Rally your allies, heed the call to arms, and write your chapter in the annals of history as you embark on an unforgettable journey of conquest and glory!


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