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Sixjoy unveils their war strategy game, Kingdoms Arise. The game has taken its inaugural steps towards release, kicking off its early access phase on the Android platform in select regions.

Immersing players in a fascinating medieval narrative, Kingdoms Arise seamlessly ushers them onto the battlefield. As a participant, your prowess lies in devising adaptable strategies that evolve with the dynamic terrain. Harness the unique skills of your heroes to sway the tides of battle in your favor. Forge unbreakable alliances with fellow warriors, uniting your strengths to assemble formidable armies within the realm of Kingdoms Arise.

Progression entails the accumulation of vital resources. Engage in hunting expeditions, cast your fishing lines into water bodies, and delve deep into the earth for precious minerals through mining—all within the confines of your dominion. Adding to the allure, historical heroes grace this saga. Iconic figures like Joan of Arc, El Cid, King Arthur, and the Queen of Sheba, among others, come to life, enhancing the interactive experience.

Kingdoms Arise has officially commenced its early access phase, inviting Android users in select regions such as Australia, Canada, Spain, and Indonesia to join the fray. For those equipped with Android devices, the game is readily available for download via the Google Play Store.

While the game’s Android debut is underway, details regarding its availability on the iOS platform remain undisclosed. As of now, no official announcements have been made regarding release dates for either iOS or Android versions. Stay tuned for updates as we will be keeping you informed on the latest developments.

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