Infinity Party Battle

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Download Infinity Party Battle, a really nice Tower Defense for mobile phones. It is important to notice that the game has some blockchain and NFT mechanics. CleGames has announced the launch of their latest play-to-earn mobile title last month.

Infinity Party Battle is a typical 1v1 real-time Tower Defense game. Players can form a deck of 5 characters and 5 magic cards to defeat monsters and ultimately, to outlast your opponent. There is also a Party Mode where you can team up with another Player to take on endless waves of Monsters.

The base game is actually fun. But remember that this is a NFT game which means that PVP may not be balanced down the line as more unique Magic Cards and game characters are being released.

The Game features Real-time PVP battles with global matching, PVE, PVP, Co-Op, Solo, Team and Boss Battle.A RPG-style Heroes. Global Ranking where we can compete to climb the top.

I like Tower Defense games, but there aren’t so much out there. It’s nice to see new ones, even if they are PvP and focused in the NFTs World. But consider it if you want to spent some time in the game in a competitive way. It’s gonna be hard without investing some money.

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