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Download Hoop Land, a new game from Koality Game, available on Google Play and TestFlight for iOS. In Hoop Land players can choose a league, select a team and lead your players to the Championship. Players can connect a bluetooth gamepad if they want to.

Hoop Land is played in real-time with simple controls but deep gameplay mechanics to make it as sim as possible. You control your player’s movement with the left screen but have several actions such as shoot, pass, crossover, and step backs by making simple swipe gestures on the right side of the screen.

The gameplay has a very arcade-y and slightly exaggerated style. The game combines a mix of enjoyable gameplay mechanics and then building numerous modes and progression systems on top of it to give players a really full-featured package.

The game seems very simple but still enjoyable, however it is no finished yet. We have to download the test version available on the Google Play Store, available for some devices. In iOS, we need to enable Testflight if we want to try it. The author has upload a some sort of open beta version to the App Store, so, anyone can play the game.

The plan is to release the full game at some point in the first half of 2023. Right now, a preview version is available for iOS in the App Store and the Google Play version is live.


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