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Hades is a remarkable rogue-like dungeon crawler, which boasts exceptional characters with superb voice acting, outstanding music, one of the most engaging gameplay loops, and stunning visuals. Hades Mobile is coming to iPhones in 2024 and will be free for Netflix subscribers.

Hades is an isometric hack ‘n’ slash game that weaves a captivating narrative rooted in Greek mythology, unfolding across multiple runs through an underworld teeming with diverse monsters, formidable bosses, and unpredictable power-ups. This exceptional fusion of design and storytelling solidified its status as one of the standout games of 2020.The iPhone and iPad version of Hades, developed in collaboration with Secret6, ensures a top-notch experience with fully customizable touchscreen controls and support for external controllers.

This iOS adaptation of Hades includes touch controls specifically tailored for this version of the game. Additionally, players can wirelessly connect a Bluetooth controller to their device, offering a more console-style gaming experience.

While Hades is currently accessible on PC and Switch with cross-platform save support, it is also available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The port is solely designed for iOS and will be accessible exclusively through a Netflix subscription. This implies that individuals using iPhones cannot opt to purchase the game separately, and Android users will not have access to the game at all.

There are currently no plans for additional versions of Hades, and it remains uncertain if the game will make its way to Android. The port for iOS is in development by Secret 6 Studio.

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