Grand Cross: Age of Titans

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Grand Cross: Age of Titans, the highly anticipated 2D animation MMO RTS, is scheduled to launch globally in August 2023. This immersive game provides players with an unparalleled opportunity to engage in epic siege wars, both on land and in the air.

Set in the fantastical realm of Skyna, the world is ravaged by ongoing conflicts against the invading Chaos armies. The narrative revolves around the journey of Mio and Eujin, two individuals summoned to Skyna, where they encounter Princess Destina, the leader of the kingdom. By collaborating with Princess Destina, players can drive back the forces of Chaos, conquer territories, and restore peace to the war-torn lands.

To achieve victory, players must join forces with Princess Destina, aiding her in constructing a formidable army from scratch while revitalizing the war-ravaged regions. Success in battle relies on assembling a well-equipped army composed of diverse characters from different worlds.

The game developers have invested considerable effort in creating an engaging and strategic experience for players. They have incorporated the most compelling and interactive elements from various strategy MMO titles, merging them seamlessly to deliver a superior gameplay experience.

For enthusiasts of strategy MMO games, Grand Cross: Age of Titans promises to be a true masterpiece, encompassing every aspect one would expect from such a title. From in-depth field tactics to a diverse selection of battle units encompassing both aerial and terrestrial warfare, this game provides a feast of strategic possibilities. Moreover, the game’s robust storyline is enhanced by a diverse cast of characters, each possessing a unique personality that adds depth and intrigue to the overall gaming experience.

About the game modes, well, players will have Single-player stages, World (Field) and Capturing, Castle War Server vs. Server War, Story Chapters and Territory Expansion, Territory Customization and more. Players can also take on intense and siege warfare having MMORPG mechanics versus other Alliances through Castle War.

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