Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud

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Download Neural Cloud. This game (aka as Dolls Frontline) is a strategy RPG, a prequel to Girls’ Frontline original game. What is this game about? Well, in this world, an unprecedented threat aims to end the existence of Dolls, our main characters. To save themselves the Dolls flee and travel in search of some form of salvation.

Several dolls were selected to participate in a project called the Neural Cloud, with you as the head professor of the project. An accident in the project causes the dolls to wake up three years later in an unknown virtual world, where they seek to find a way out to return to the real world.

About the game: “Experience a brand-new combat mode that embodies the essence of roguelike games, with meticulous settings and characterization. Take risks and engage powerful enemies, play it safe and carefully plan your moves with the big picture in mind, or play it by ear and improvise depending on the situation⁠—more than one path leads to victory. Organize your ranks and come up with viable team comps while making good use of friendship buffs, and leave the rest to the Exiles.”

Neural Cloud is a strategy RPG, where players place Dolls on a Hexagonal grid to fight enemies that teleport into the stage. Positioning, character composition, and use of your abilities will help spell victory, as you traverse the neural cloud in this dungeon-crawling game with rogue-like features.

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Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud

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