Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is an upcoming game for Android and iOS and part of the Final Fantasy Universe. This game is a chapter-structured single-player game based on the Final Fantasy VII timeline and story setting, containing all the content from the FF7 timeline.

The story of Final Fantasy VII focuses on Gaia, a planet where technology and society approximates the industrial or post-industrial age, and along with the development of technology, the monopoly giant Shinra has caused extreme imbalance throughout the world.

The game uses a command style RPG system, with an overhead view and chibi characters while in the field and full body characters in-battle and more dynamic camera while in combat, approximating the appearance of the original title. Ever Crisis has the original Final Fantasy VII battle system: the Active Time Battle system, and using materia, weapons, summons and limit breaks based like the original game.

The game features two different art styles: in the exploration phases, the character design is more cartoony. However, during battles, the graphics resemble those of the Remake. Square Enix has also revealed that there will be a closed beta sometime in 2022, although the specific date is unknown for now.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be release on 7, September 2023.

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