Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Overview

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is an upcoming game for Android and iOS and part of the Final Fantasy Universe. This game is a chapter-structured single-player game based on the Final Fantasy VII timeline and story setting, containing all the content from the FF7 timeline.

The story of Final Fantasy VII focuses on Gaia, a planet where technology and society approximates the industrial or post-industrial age, and along with the development of technology, the monopoly giant Shinra has caused extreme imbalance throughout the world.

The game uses a command style RPG system, with an overhead view and chibi characters while in the field and full body characters in-battle and more dynamic camera while in combat, approximating the appearance of the original title. Ever Crisis has the original Final Fantasy VII battle system: the Active Time Battle system, and using materia, weapons, summons and limit breaks based like the original game.

The game features two different art styles: in the exploration phases, the character design is more cartoony. However, during battles, the graphics resemble those of the Remake. Square Enix has also revealed that there will be a closed beta sometime in 2022, although the specific date is unknown for now.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be release on 7, September 2023.

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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

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