FIFA Soccer Mobile 2023

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The FIFA series comes to Android and iPhone with FIFA Mobile. Electronic Arts Studio brings to us the most powerful franchise in sports. The game is very well made and makes perfect use of its most important feature: licenses of everything.

In FIFA Mobile or FIFA Football Soccer, you can play with the most popular teams in the world: Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Manchester City, etc. See hundreds of players very well designed with their faces very close to reality, this thanks to the fact that FIFA has the license of many major leagues so you don’t have to do any kind of editing.

Just download the game and enjoy it. The gameplay is quite good. The controls are very easy to use, animations and movements run perfectly. The degree of learning is not very difficult so if we have some knowledge of the sport we will quickly get in rhythm. If not, the tutorials do a great job.

The other most important feature is that it includes the Ultimate Team mode, where you can put your team together as if it were a card collection game. With a little luck you’ll have good players who can level up to face opponents from all over the world in their online game system.

Ultimate Team mode is FIFA’s strongest point, both for consoles and mobile phones. It’s where you can build your team, the best players and play against other teams in the online mode. It is the most entertaining mode and therefore the most popular.

FIFA is one of the most complete football games out there. Its licensing system is very extensive and has the vast majority of major players and clubs. It also owns football league rights. We can play the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League.

FIFA Soccer Mobile it is free and available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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