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Era of Conquest is a cross-platform 4x strategy saga where you wield the reins of mighty empires and forge heroes to your design. Your domain awaits among 10 culturally and historically significant realms like the Roman, Viking, French, Arab, and British, each ripe for your rule.

This global adventure unfolds across servers spanning the world and embraces 19 languages, ensuring accessibility wherever you are. Craft your unique gaming journey with diverse modes and playstyles, navigating a sprawling map teeming with resources and trials. Assemble a cadre of intrepid historical heroes, each team finely tuned to your strategy.

Notably, conscription bears no resource or financial toll, fostering equality for all players with resources earned solely through gameplay, eschewing purchases. Elevate your strategy with an array of enhancements, from heroes and skills to special arms and scrolls, as you steer your legacy to greatness.

A standout feature of Era of Conquest lies in its expansive map, a pivotal aspect of the game. Utilizing a cutting-edge 3D engine of the next generation, players are thrust into an immersive battlefield encounter. The game unveils a seamless sandbox map spanning an impressive 120km x 120km, accommodating clashes involving a remarkable 10,000 concurrent players. Beyond this, participants can cultivate alliances with fellow comrades, fostering fresh bonds as they collaboratively erect their unique empires.

Following the conclusive testing phase, the 4399 development team is poised to unveil the global pre-registration initiative, signaling the imminent official launch. Era of Conquest is set to grace mobile and PC platforms across over 200 countries and regions, catering to a diverse linguistic spectrum encompassing 19 languages, from English and Chinese to Korean, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

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