Dragon Ball Legends

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Download Dragon Ball Legends, a mobile game based on the mythical Japanese anime. Dragon Ball came with  an unprecedented success, and to this day it still continues to be very present in our memory and lives. Not only because of the new anime episodes, also because now we can enjoy its great story and play within it through our mobile phones.

The Dragon Ball Universe has been faithfully presented in the already popular android and iPhone game Dragon Ball Legends. This game is an RPG with 3D animations, which allow you to capture in a great way the story created by Akira Toriyama.

The game is full of action just from the beginning. We have turn-based battles with our randomly chosen warrior Z, from whom we will have to buy improvements and train him to obtain the strongest team. The most popular characters from the original story such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo or Krillin, among others, will be present in the game.

Not only the ‘good guys’, but we can also get fearsome villains like Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu. During the battles, which can be friendly or PvP against rivals from all over the world, we can fly over the map, launch bursts of ki, use powerful combos and practice the most powerful techniques of our Z warriors. The game has a ranked mode were we can get some points and rewards, based on your results.

The game controls are simple. A finger touch to the screen will be enough for your warrior to move around the battlefield. The controls for the battles are based on the touches and the swipes to the screen and the combat cards, which are essential to unleash the most powerful attacks.

Ki, as in the anime, is also an important resource. To use the most powerful attack of a warrior, a large amount of energy will always be required, so it will have to be distributed wisely or adhering to the indications that come on the cards. The KI recharges progressively. The best use of the KI decides the majority of victories in this game.

The game features a single defensive move. Teleportation. It should be done at the right time to take your enemy to your field, where you can attack him with your best attacks. We can take up to 3 Z warriors to each battle, although the battles are 1 vs. one; that is to say, you can use the same warrior for different battles or change him for when his Ki is worn out. Dragon Ball Legends is free for Android and iOS phones.

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