Bleach Soul Resonance

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Bleach Soul Resonance (Bleach 境·界 刀鳴) is a 3D action game from Black Moon Studios (NVS Games in China – 朝夕光年). The new Bleach game immerses players in thrilling sword-fighting battles.

The game features smooth swordplay, diverse battle strategies, and gameplay mechanics like collecting and developing multiple characters and teaming up with others for battles. We don’t know much about it yet, they just release a trailer with some in game scenes.

When thinking about the gameplay design of Soul Resonance, it looks like an immersive experience and a unique taste of what’s special about this game. The gameplay design revolves around the connection of characters and the fetters of characters, multi-dimensionally enhances the strategic experience of the battle, and fights side by side with familiar figures.

Devs said they tried to innovate the gameplay based on Zanpakuto and the differences between users—conveying the message behind every character and storyline, bringing the experience of realistic sword fights and cold steel, and enabling all action game users to get started easily. A high-level players would feel that the experience is good, but it will not make it too difficult for novice players.

Bleach Soul Resonance is an officially licensed game from Shueisha. The game is currently still under development, and Devs will hold multiple testing events before the official launch.

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